Violence was a real hoot (lovely review here) and my feet have barely hit the floor and it is onwards to a project I've been waiting all year to arrive - ©opyright Christmas!

©opyright is my first full length production with performance poofters Duckie (who we have such outings like Lullaby, C'est and Shame to thank for). The show will also be my first public appearance as a Duckie Associate Artist - and that is an achievement I'm really proud of!

When I first sneaked Boyz magazine into my teenage bedroom and saw these weirdos all rolling around the floor in nice clothes, I was amused they all looked that gay versions of bands my Dad liked, I knew somehow I needed to be apart of their gang. I think Simon Strange, Lamé and the Wives are completely unaware I based my early career on trying to impress them and getting their attention - it worked.

I don't want to give too much away about the show but you should be aware of Duckie's reputation and know not to expect to sit in rows and clap nicely at the end. What I can tell you is if you have ever caught yourself in Ikea, contemplating bulk buying the Norské Shît toilet roll holder then this show is for you, it is also safe for 11 yrs + so bring children, even if they don't belong to you.

If you, like most of my friends haven't noticed the fact I appear in the advert for the show then here it is! I'm the one that looks like Martine McCutcheon, pre-Tummy-Loving-Care bollox.

 ©opyright Christmas runs from 10th - 31st December in the main house of the Barbican. 
Shows are 4pm, 7.30pm & 9.30pm.

The show also is accompanied by a Christmas Market that is flogging unique stuff to get your 'rents or boyfriend (if you are wealthy enough to own one). James will be flogging his own gear here as well as my merch on the 11th, 16th, 17th and 22nd December. 

Book tickets / ruin your Christmas spirit
Go on, its Christmas!


Violence by Darrell Berry

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