Heres a lovely video I made this month in Westcliff, to get permission to film this the woman asked me if I was Russel Grant - I really wanted to film in their lovely candy striped cafe so I said 'Yes I am' - she said I was very 'theatrical'

Rossi's Ice Cream - Westcliff On Sea | October 2011


Robert Pacitti said...

I love this film Scottee. I've had a dig around my family tree recently and have a connection to Rossi's who were ice cream makers in Glasgow living in the same house as my italian grandpa. Maybe it's the same family... Keep smearing luv, it's a beautiful thing

SCOTTEE said...

This is epic. I feel SPILL needs ice cream, you should pull some strings.

Do ice cream folk live in the same houses? Is this an ice cream thing?

I've always wanted an ice cream van to sell shows from.

Robert Pacitti said...

Let's talk scoops, flakes, and 99's sometime then.

(proud to be A Scottee)