Now I'm not a fussy cow but I thought it was time I set the record straight. Back in 2000 when I was a theatre twink working with American lesbians I was given the nickname 'Scotty' much to my mothers disapproval. Fast forward six years and during a kitchen table branding exercise with Warboy we opted to change the 'Y' with 'EE' - if American was a gendered lingo the double E would go on the end of girls name like Candee, and so Scottee was born.

With the death of Myspace and the evolving trend in shameless self promotion I was forced into opening a Facebook account to flaunt my wears. Facebook unlike Myspace demanded you were a real person with a real name and real friends. One of Facebooks many rules was that you had to supply a surname, now I'd always been just 'Scottee' but this wasnt going to pass so I opted for 'Scottee Scottee' - this was the biggest mistake of my life, I can't tell you how many times I've been introduced onstage with '..so good they named him twice it's Scottee Scottee' etc, how many people answer the phone with 'Hi Scottee Scottee' or how many emails that begin with Hi SS. In fairness this blog is abit of a passive agressive responce to the above because I've never told them they were wrong.

So listen up and take note it's just Scottee, like Madonna, Cher and Jesus.

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