I decided to make a new webiste, this is usually a sign that I'm shifting position. I turn 26 next week, technically this mean in the eyes of the government I am not able to have money off them for being a youth, not able to access 'connextions' (as if?!) and IdeasTap have no regard for me and a human any longer. I'm also planning my 'Best/Worst of Scottee' show next year and it got me thinking - what have I actually done over the last six years?! 

A new webiste is born and with it an archive of work I'm suddenly proud of, this is an unusual feeling for a solo performer who usually spends most of their days repeating 'I should be doing more'. It is also a less intense experience than the last format, as much as I loved people from Channel 4 calling me up asking me how to turn to 'noise' of my last site I think its time I grew up a little, became a little 'propa' and continued to annoy performance art people with how better my website is than theirs. scottee.co.uk

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