I'm Scottee and I'm an over eater.

To celebrate the launch of London Body Fascism Week, I've teamed up with 6000ad.co.uk to flog you some rather expensive t-shirts with my face on them. Each tee is XXXL and costs £40. Your money helps maintain my eating habits & others like me.

As our governments squeeze in a 'fat tax' - taxing fried chicken shops across our great Island and Channel 4 make yet another documentary about a fatty who cant wipe their own arse, I ask you to think of a fatty this London Fascism week

Buy A Scott/tee, Save a fatso.

(A limited run of tee's are available from Philp Normal's Happy Shack in Camden Lock - until 6000ad's launch in March - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=47464869460)

http://scottee.co.uk/ | http://6000ad.co.uk/

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