Thank You everyone who has supported me this year!

2010 was the year I showed everyone what I was & I've had a ball doing it, creating new work and pushing the envelope - where else would I be able to sit on stage & vomit 50 meters of white paper? London you are wonderful.

From being awarded performer of the year by Timeout London to teaching Elders in South London performance with BAC / Duckie its been a formative year in which I have not only professionally developed but personally.

I presented my first solo production 'Mess' in Dec 2009, which was visited by the Metropolitan Police, they attempted to closed the production and this really set the scene for next 12 months ahead.

My performance company Eat Your Heart Out also really came into its own despite the Arts Council shutting the door on us, not once but twice - we were still able to pull together a 10 day tour and self fund an Edinburgh Fringe production, We also created a new full length show 'Violence' last month, which will be developed in 2011. Eat Your Heart Out has also proved 'collective' works - we can all work alongside each other and push things forward - even under the cabaret banner.

As I flick through my iCal,  highlights include EYHO 'Return of the Yuppy' - 14 Margret Thatcher lookalikes doing a screaming conga, breaking my wrist in the main house at Roundhouse - attempting to show off!! Winning the Glastonbury Vogue Ball - again, exposing the National Portrait Gallery to my audio portrait which included me, naked covered in custard (nice!), running around Edinburgh dressed as.. well mental people, making tea and toast for fashion types during London Fashion Week at The Glorified £ Shop & throwing cake at Rihanna on X Factor (most bizarre moment of my life so far).

Thank you to anyone who has spent the time, money/dry cleaning bills & effort on coming to see my work - its tacky to say such things but I really do appreciate it... without you I'm nothing.

Next year I have some amazing projects on the go: some of which are top secret but I can tell you I will be sitting in the directors chair abit more! I'm also planning a 2nd DVD, a tour of my solo show 'Buy A Better You' with Warboy and Stewart and some new collaborations that are very exciting!

There are some ways you can get involved too!

- during my residency at Duckie (Every week in February), I will be debuting my new film 'The Lisa Stansfield Experience' with Judy Jacob. After the show I will be opening the touring museum and I'm looking for any Lisa artifacts - from sheet music to autographs! info@scottee.co.uk
- EYHO is looking for interns in London & Manchester! We are looking for various roles from production to performance missannabel@eyho.org.uk 

- Comment! On here, twitter, email - I'm all ears! Let me know your highlight & what you want to see more of!

I Love You. X

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Anonymous said...

I love you too and will continue to support.

Keep it up - you are creating colour in a grey World, life in the lifeless and fabulousness!!

Roland xxx