After the mammoth success of Nancy's arrival into London's camp-scene, shes back for another helping, this time she's sanitized in scrubs! Ooooh Matron! Doctors and Nurses Special

Uniform: Carry on Matron, Naughty Nanny, Pediatrician, Plastic Surgery Princess, Junior Doctor, Calpol kid, NHS*express, Pre Op / Post Op, Dr Beat, Bandaged Beauty, Surgeons Wife, Red Cross-dresser, School Nurse & Mortuary realness.

Surgical Sounds & Sirens from: 
David TG (Torture Garden), Jim Warboy's Hospital Radio (Caligula), Scottee & Sami Knight

Matron Felicity Hayward's Ward: Operation Olympics! Limber up your tweezers!
Live Show from St Joan St Joan's Ambulance  (twin sister of Ingenue St John)
Plus X-Ray-ted booths, Wet Nurses & First Aid.

Visiting Hours: 10pm - 3am
Health Insurance: £5 before 11 | £8 After

Complimentary cough sweets http://clubnancy.co.uk/

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