Wonderland Magazine have taken my interview down, What would a fashion magazine adorned with black and white photos of half naked size zero models have against a colorful outspoken larger lady like myself? I wonder.

Q. Hi Scottee, how are you?

Ok - infact clammy, all this humid weather isn't that great for a fatty. Just got to make sure you talc down in the morning.

Q. Been anywhere nice this Summer?

Everywhere this island has to throw at me, my show has been on tour so we've covered Brighton, Sheffield, Manchester, Cambridge, Glastonbury and Sussex, all rather glamourous!

Q. I always get tan envy this time of year, what about you?

Im not one for the sun-kissed look, Its got Abercrombie & Fitch connotations, however i did fall asleep in a field at Glastonbury and gained a healthy glow, when I went to apply my foundation I looked like a goth.

Q. Do you have a favorite outfit for Summer?

My Adult baby pink 70's floral dungarees. I got them custom made by some old man off ebay - they fit like a glove and despite the sleaziness i think they are quite fashion forward.

Q. Time Out are really supporting you at the moment - who did you sleep with?

They are - Im not sure why, maybe they've never seen my shows. At the start of the year they voted me performer of 2010 which is quite and honor!

Q. Does all the media attention make you feel a bit famous?

No - not in the slightest, I live in a council flat, I eat 'basic range' food and I make old women's cast offs into something passable - I like to keep it real.

Q. Would you describe yourself as a good role model?

Yes, I honestly believe all children should be given make up, made experiment with their persona and be allowed to make clothes out of paper, this would solve all wars, anger issues but would bring on a dependancy to alcohol, but you cant have everything!

Q. If you could be the face of one product/brand what would it be?

1647 - Dawn French's clothing range - They still sell clobber but their heyday was the 80's. Think pashminas sewn onto smocks.

Q. This has been a big year for you, what is next for Scottee?

Amazing - I set up for performance company and we've been touring and getting a really good response. My work has seen me develop shows in bedrooms, hall ways and on beds and I can honestly say - Ive very happy. Next up I have Eat Your Heart Out Edinburgh - but before I leave I'm debuting a solo dance piece in a upstairs bedroom of a pub 'Cognitive' is about my imagination and how I used to pretend Louise Nurding was my girlfriend.

Q. Wow! Will this be your first time at the Edinburgh Festival?

No - this will be my 5th year - but this is my first year as Artistic Director and producer so alot is riding on it - but response has been amazing and people have really got onboard the manifest of 'No Burlesque'

Q. Why Eat Your Heart Out? Isn't that a bit gothic?

Not really the name has a double meaning - the work is comparable if not better than alot of the live art, performance, cabaret which is rolled our so 'Michael Ball - Eat your heart out' plus the acts you see onstage are likely to do just that - eat their own hearts out for your pleasure.

Q. The audience got complimentary cake at your show last year - will there any here?

There is a star prize for the best audience member each night, we want to show how important the audience is and we feel they need to be rewarded.

Q. When are we having that cake date you promised me?

Only if you do something with your hair.

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