Help the Ages continues.

This years project to improve inter-generational relations (see here) continues this week. I'm facilitating a workshop for Elders in Clapham on Friday in association with Battersea Arts Centre. Over 2 hours I'll be collecting stories & creating work using creative writing, sound and stills based on love, lust and lewd conduct. The documentation will be shown at Duckie's Valentines Ball on 14th (sold out) and some of the work will appear on here in a few weeks. Hopefully the Elders will gain something from the workshop, learn something new about each other & show me, my peer and my audience they really aren't that different. Fingers crossed.

In the meantime here's an image from 2002, starring alongside Enid. We were performing to groups of social workers showing them the best way to work with Elders. What a shocking hair do/n't!

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