Tenor Ladies are back - the product of a fast food nation starved of glamour, glitz and grit. Tenor Ladies feed that show girl with-in, no longer will you have to be a musical bulimic, unleash the fatty inside and over-indulge.  Joining the feast are some VERY special guests/show biz pals, back from their Edinburgh 5* hit and wanting to gain a few pounds... Bourgeois & Maurice paving the way to a better future for all of the young hopefuls. and introducing  The Bearded Ladies Singing hits like 'Spastic Toe' & 'Cheese' at their debut London show Post show knee's up from Q Music Queens Broken Hearts a perfect excuse for a post show party. 9pm - 3am  (Shows from 9.30pm) Free Cake. The Shows not over till the fat girls sing. "Big hair, big voices from big fat girly boys" - TimeOut "Look out for them soon, before they get to famous to say hello to you in the street" - Let Them Eat Cake

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