This is the story of Johann Svelt French Doctor with a taste of guilt a passion, plague for yes.... Very Very Dirty

Down a dark dark alley Johann met Always in secret - never to detect  plump, perked and yes.... Very Very Dirty

The wet wet rain on Johann head he swarms towards her and he says peering, predatory  and yes  pitta patter pitta patter

They step step down the rue St.Denis into a brothel near the Pigalle putain & pervert and yes pitta patter pitta patter

Its a long long walk, she walks ahead she sits him down on a four poster bed  pathetic, pissed he says Very Very Dirty

She slips into something more reveling he prefers the mac much more appealing pvc pockets oh yes Very Very Dirty

J'aime appelle Chole she adressed the name repeated in his head pulsated pressure and yes pitta patter pitta patter

She opens her purse for her fee he hands her 80 respectfully pounding pigs oh yes Very Very Dirty

She stands their nude, her clothes on the floor she hides the cash, he double locks the door his prey is caught and yes pitta patter pitta patter

The time had come to open up her legs He revels a knife he wants her dead protrudes her flesh mmm yes Very Very Dirty

She dead dead now, he picks up her mac puts it on and the corpse he's hacked his poisoned mind and yes pitta patter pitta patter

He fleas the brothel disguised as a girl her cheap cheap scent her slick kiss curl pitta patter pitta patter rain comes down the polluted city his gazing frown.

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