Lisa i love you, your slick kiss curl
your timeless image, previous to Estelle
a right northern lass, all pretty and coy
Lisa i Love you, i'm your Rotherham boy

Lisa i love you, i watch you on youtube
styled by judy blame - a look i pursued
'This is the right time' the curl was all gone
Lisa i loved you, whats love based upon

Lisa i loved you i saw Mrs Merton
you talked about your hubby, our future uncertain
your charity shop clobber, VHS
Lisa i loved you, on ebay you sell for less

Lisa i loved you on facebook i found
your distant cousin, a stylist LA bound
"shes right common and thick, just like 'er mum"
Lisa i loved you, fi fi foe DUMB

Lisa i loved you, our love must end here
that Ukrainian tour, the end of your 'career'
my passion deserted, ive made my bed
Lisa i love you i wish you were dead.

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