Pix Review
Performance artist and deejay Scottee steps up with a rather revealing musical show. Confronting his relationship with his alcoholic mother and stepfather and his angst towards food as a comforter Scottee sings and recites monologues inspired by his childhood experiences and his resulting adult outlook. Accompanied by piano and violin and with 8 songs written by Jim Warboy who describes it as “like performance art meets musical theatre” it’s quite a diversion for Warboy who is really only known for his dancier productions. A touching and insightful tale of a boy trying to come to terms with his sexuality whilst dealing with often quite bizarre situations – his mother sent him to weight watchers at age 11 – has culminated in songs that are heartbreaking and inspiring. Scottee continues exploring other musical and performing outlets with a role in recent play The Texas Chainsaw Mascara at The Bistrotheque and Eat your Heart Out at The Bethnal Green Working Mens Club coming up on the 11th December. P.J.

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